Ratings consist of opinions about the issuers’ ability to honor their financial commitments, such as payment of interest and principal within the stipulated period.

Credit ratings indicate the likelihood of issuers failing to make payments.

Information published on the website is regularly updated. Due to the nature of certain published information, it may rapidly become out-of-date. Users should note that the information contained in this section may be out-of-date, thereby not reflecting the Company’s current conditions.

Agency Rating Type Last Revision
Fitch AA+, Stable Outlook Local Currency Jun 14, 2023
BB, Stable Outlook Foreign Scale Jun 14, 2023
Standard & Poor´s BB, Stable Outlook Global Scale Aug 30, 2023
brAAA, Stable Outlook National Scale Aug 30, 2023
Moody’s Ba3, Stable Outlook Global Scale Jun, 2023