Minerva Foods has been maintaining consistent and sustainable growth throughout the years, and its history highlights its experience in purchasing and transporting cattle and the beginning of its operations in the beef industry.


The Vilela de Queiroz family began raising cattle and providing logistical services to transport cattle from ranches to slaughterhouses;


The Vilela de Queiroz family purchased its first slaughterhouse and processing facility located in the City of Barretos, State of São Paulo (its current headquarters) from Frigorífico Minerva do Brasil S.A. In addition, on March 9, 1992, the Company established Indústria e Comércio de Carnes Minerva Ltda.;


Minerva leased and later acquired a slaughterhouse and processing facility in the City of José Bonifácio, State of São Paulo;


The Company leased a processing facility in the City of Cajamar, State of São Paulo;


Construction of a new slaughterhouse and processing facility in the City of Palmeiras de Goiás, State of Goiás, which Minerva believes is one of the most modern beef processing facilities in Latin America;


Minerva entered into a lease agreement for a slaughterhouse and processing facility in the City of Batayporã, State of Mato Grosso do Sul; and


Minerva began the construction of its plant in the City of Rolim de Moura, State of Rondônia. In April 2007, the Company purchased a plant in the City of Araguaína, State of Tocantins and a plant under construction in the City of Redenção, State of Pará. Moreover, Minerva began building an industrial unit for the production of cooked and frozen meat, in the city of Barretos, in São Paulo state, in a joint venture with the Irish company Dawn Farms Group.


Acquisition of the beef producer Lord Meat, in the state of Goiás, which has a 500 head/day slaughtering capacity, initially raising Minerva´s installed capacity by 10 % . In 6 months, with the expansion of the cold chambers , the plant ´s slaughtering capacity will increase to 750 head/day finally reaching 1,500head/day by mid-2009. The total forecast investment in acquisition and expansion plans is estimated at R $60 million. Acquisition of the beef producer Friasa in Paraguay, which has a 700 head/day slaughtering capacity.


Start-up of Minerva Dawn Farms in the city of Barretos, state of São Paulo, the processing facility specialized in cooked frozen products, a JV between Minerva S.A. and Dawn Farms Foods from Ireland. Minerva S.A. currently owns 100% of Minerva Dawn Farms’ shares. The production unit is one of the country’s largest meat-processing plants for industrialized products. Beginning of activities in Rolim de Moura/RO.


Acquisition of a plant in Campina Verde, state of Minas Gerais. Operations began in May 2010.


Acquisition of the meatpacker PUL in Uruguay, which has a 1,400 head/day slaughtering capacity.


Acquisition of the meatpacker Frigomerc in Paraguay, wich has a 1,000 head/day slaughtering capacity.


Opening of two distribution centers (Uberlândia, Minas Gerais and Rolim de Moura, Rondônia). In September 2013, the International Finance Corporation (IFC) became a Company shareholder due to the acquistion of a 3% interest. In November 2013, the Company announced the acquisition of two BRF’s cattle slaughtering units, establishing an important strategic movement, expandint its activities in the state of Mato Grosso


Acquisition of Frigorífico Carrasco, in Uruguay, with slaughter capacity of 900 head/day. Acquisition of a meatpacking plant in Janaúba, in Minas Gerais state, with slaughter capacity of 900 head/day. Completion of the acquisition and beginning of operations in the Várzea Grande and Mirassol D’Oeste plants, in Mato Gross state, with slaughter capacity of 1,500 head/day and 1,100 head/day, respectively.


Acquisition of 100% of Red Cárnica S.A.S and 100% of the shares of Red Industrial Colombiana S.A.S (together frigorífico Red Cárnica) , in the region of Cordoba, Colombia, with capacity of 850 heads/day. Signing of an agreement between FRIGOMERC S.A. and DIGNA S.A. for a rental of a slaughter and processing plant (frigorífico Expacar), located in Assuncion, Paraguay, with capacity of 600 heads/day.”


Acquisition of Intermeat – Assessoria de e Comércio Ltda, a limited-liability company headquartered in Barueri, SP. Creation of the subsidiary Minerva Comercializadora de Energia Ltda to operate in the energy commercialization sector.


Acquisition of JBS Mercosur in Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina, increasing daily slaughtering capacity by 52%, to 26,380 head. All in all, the Company acquired nine meatpacking units (five of which in Argentina, three in Paraguay and one in Uruguay), one processing unit in Argentina and one distribution center in Argentina.


The year Minerva Foods operations are internationalized with the creation of Athena Foods, a Chilean company controlled 100% by Minerva S/A, comprising operations in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay and Uruguay. Also, this year, the Company‘s new buildings are inaugurated in Barretos (SP), with the headquarters being renamed Centro Corporativo Antonio Vilela de Queiroz, in honor of one of the founding partners of Minerva Foods.


In 2019, Minerva Foods enters into an asset exchange agreement with Marfrig, in which it takes over the slaughtering plants in Paranatinga and, in return, Marfrig takes over the slaughtering plant in Várzea Grande, both in Mato Grosso, Brazil. Minerva Foods signs a memorandum to form a joint venture in China and becomes the first Brazilian company to operate in beef distribution in the country.


In May 2020, Minerva became part of Ibovespa‘s theoretical portfolio and in December it became part of B3‘s sustainability index (ISE). In July 2020, the Company announced the creation of the new Innovation Area and in October announced its first initiative by Venture Capital, by Clara Foods. In August 2020, Athena Foods, a Minerva subsidiary, acquired a slaughtering plant located in Bucaramanga, Santander, Colombia.


Following its three pillars in the innovation area – advanced data analysis, Marketplace, and Venture Capital -, Minerva Foods announced new corporate venture capital initiatives by investing in the Shopper platform and in Traive, a startup in the agricultural sector, and creating a joint venture with Amyris. The company also became the first Brazilian company in the world to receive the Renewable Energy Seal, issued by the Totum Institute, in partnership with ABEEólica and Abragel, and became part of B3’s 2022 Corporate Sustainability Index portfolio for the second consecutive year, reinforcing its commitment to sustainability, one of the pillars of its business model.


With the acquisition of two new plants, Minerva has a total of four plants specialized in sheep in Australia, nearly quadrupling its slaughter capacity in that country. In addition to announcing another corporate venture capital initiative with the investment in Liv Up, the Company also executed a mutually exclusive supply agreement with Hilton Food Solutions in the United Kingdom.

In line with its sustainability strategy, it executed a Memorandum of Understanding with Biofílica, in addition to being the winner of the ESG Reporting Awards – Best Sustainability Reporting 2022 in the consumer goods category, organized by ESG Investing.


Acquisition of Breeders and Packers Uruguay (“BPU Meat”), investiment of aproximately USD$ 40 million

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